Our ID program is designed to assist individuals experiencing homelessness, and displaced individuals, to obtain two forms of Identification to obtain a job and housing.

Our program services include:

NC State ID Replacement Assistance:
    • Schedule DMV appointments and provide online accessibility for lost or stolen NC state-issued IDs.
Social Security Card Replacement:
    • Assist with the completion of paper applications or guide you through the online application process for a replacement Social Security card.
Birth Certificate Applications for Mecklenburg County Residents:
  • Aid in the application process for obtaining birth certificates for residents of Mecklenburg County.


Additionally, our program offers valuable benefits to ease the process:

Transportation Support:
  • Access assistance for transportation to essential appointments, ensuring you can reach the necessary offices conveniently.
Paid Administrative Fees:
  • Cover administrative fees associated with obtaining replacement documents, reducing the financial burden on individuals.
Designated Mailbox:
  • Provide a secure and designated mailbox to safeguard your important documents.
Cellphone Assistance:
  • Provide support in acquiring a cellphone, recognizing its importance in communication and job searches.


Our commitment is to empower individuals by removing barriers to identification, thereby enhancing opportunities for employment and stable housing.