Just Do It Movement Inc. knows that financial stability is key to affordable housing. Therefore, this program provides skills and training on financial literacy to manage their money more effectively and maintain a short and long-term budget for financial wellness. We shall teach the following for Financial Stability but not limited to:

  • Budget (short & long-term budget plan to save money)
  • Understanding the best saving & checking account that benefit their needs
  • Credit Repair (paying off debt, identifying & dispute issues that maybe wrong on their credit. Having short-term goals on how to pay-off debt)
  • Credit Cards (understanding the best credit cards with less interest rates & the best credit card to help build credit)
  • FICO Score
  • Debt to Income Ratio (understanding what it means and how to decrease it)
  • Home ownership or stable housing (the process to purchase and how to find appropriate housing that the individual can afford)